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 Photo Gallery of Cigarette Smoke Inside of Air Handling Systems

Cigarette smoke stains ductwork. Galvanized steel, cellophane flex, and vinyl flex all absorbs stains. While it is entirely possible to remove the accumulated dry filth from inside the ducts, they will be permanently discolored.


Cold Air Returns are often run between the joists in the floor, and studs in the wall. The wood and sheetrock of these returns are especially absorbent of the odor of the cigarette smoke and need to be treated with an odor neutralizer.


Cigarette smoke is sticky and tar-like when first expelled into the air. This makes it one of the only contaminants which will actually cling to all sides inside of ductwork, rather than settling on the bottom.


Cigarette smoke dries out after it has been in an air handling system for a while. It turns into a fine powder and circulates. This nicotine powder is a very irritating allergen.


 Cigarette Smoke in Ducts