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This video shows the process of capturing the lint as the dryer vent is being cleaned. A portable gas powered vacuum is used to contain the lint as it flies out of the dryer vent.

The following video shows a dryer vent being cleaned with a tool called a spinning skipper. High pressure air propels the skipper through the duct and the lint and debris is discharged from the pipe. This is the least destructive way to clean dryer vent ducts. Nothing is being pushed through the vent this way.

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4. Ducts are photographed Before and After cleaning to insure that they are clean and cleared of obstructions.


3. Any lint dislodged from the vents is captured in a filter bag, and not allowed to collect in your parking lot or building grounds.


2. The hose of the vacuum is placed over the vent hood and sealed with a heavy canvass creating suction throughout the duct and within the dryer.


1. High-powered jets are propelled through the vents using 210psi of compressed air to dislodge the lint. A powerful 6" vacuum hose is held adjacent to the vent, capturing any lint that is expelled.

The following is a description of our process for Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning


We are primarily concerned with cleaning the main dryer vent duct.This is the part of the job that requires all of our expensive, specialized equipment. Our work is done from the outside, and we don't usually need access to the inside of the apartment. We can also clean the dryer inside the building, but it is usually less expensive to have your maintenance guy do this, as this only requires a screwdriver and a shop vac. This gives them a chance to inspect the flexible duct which connects the dryer to the main duct. They will want to vacuum this flex, check for holes, and verify that it is connected properly and not pinched shut.


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Call Duct MD first. With over 20 years experience in Commercial Duct Cleaning we have the equipment and expertise to get the job done right. Employing the most advanced equipment and methods helps us to do a better job and for less than you are use to paying. We can get the dryer vent ducts clean without tearing them apart. Or we can professionally repair them if they're already disconnected. We can also install new vent hoods or bird guards if needed. We are your full-service dryer vent cleaning and repair specialists.


 Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning