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"Dust Down"

Some buildings are dustier than others. We can do a process we call a 'dust down' to help reduce dust in the buiding further. This involves placing a HEPA filtered Air Scrubber (or, negative air machine) in the center of the room, and blowing out cracks and crevices with air. This is especially useful on rock walls, wicker, or any surface that is difficult to reach, or that won't come clean with vacuuming.

Photo of the equipment on a Dust Down job.

Drywall dust is some of the hardest stuff to clean out of ductwork, and the longer it sits in the ducts, the harder it is to get out. It also tends to circulate throughout the building until you remove it. This is why the ducts should be cleaned as soon as possible after construction.  It is a good idea to HEPA vacuum all of your carpet and upholstery shortly after cleaning the ducts too. This greatly helps to reduce the dust in the building.

The trouble with sheetrock dust is that it goes right through furnace filters. Every filter operates on a static charge as the air passes through it, no matter what type of media the filter is made of. Sheet rock dust consists of neutral particles, and so, goes through the filters rather than sticking to them.

Sheetrock dust is pervasive and persistent. I've seen people try every trick in the book to try to reduce the sheetrock dust on new construction sites. They've wet-sanded, vacuum sanded, used floor sweeping compound, covered over the vent openings. Nothing seems to work. The drywall dust always finds its way into the ducts.

Using a better furnace filter, or changing it more often won't help either. Actually, furnace filters work better the longer you leave them in. There are fewer holes for the particles to fit through as the filter gets full.

Every new building stays dusty until the first time you clean the ducts.

Drywall Dust in Ducts