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I don't know any less about how to clean ductwork now than I did in 1996.


*For more information on how to avoid Duct Cleaning Scams please see the "A Brief History of Duct Cleaning", "Push and Pull","Apples and Pomegranates", and "Duct Cleaning Quality Assurance Self-Test" pages of this website.

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Duct Cleaning Done Right

My advice is to spend a few extra dollars and have your duct cleaning done right. This isn't something you have done twice a year. And if you do hire one of these bargain duct cleaning services, make sure you check the work your self. If you take a picture inside one of your supply vents and the duct is still dirty....make them get it clean or refund your money.

To answer your question then....NO. No, I can't compete on price with these guys who don't do the work right. I can't compete with duct cleaning services that don't actually get the ducts clean.

There's no way to do the work right at that price. But don't take my word for it. Do your own quality assurance test. Pull one of your hot air supply vents out of the floor and take a picture. All you need is a standard digital snapshot camera. These vents aren't screwed down, so no tools are required.

I have been cleaning ductwork since I was a teenager, and I'm in my forties now. I have personally cleaned the ductwork in over 2,500 homes. I have an informed opinion about duct cleaning services and I'm telling you the truth. If anyone offers to clean your ductwork for less than $400....just skip it. Seriously folks, its a scam.

But never mind about the furnace not being cleaned. That's the least of your worries if you are a homeowner or building manager searching for a duct cleaning service these days. Now, very few, if any of the duct cleaners out there even get the ducts clean!

The answer is simple....they can't. And they can't because they're not trained professionals. They aren't qualified to take the furnace apart and clean it properly. The work is not being done by skilled, experienced technicians. Period.

Admittedly, furnaces have become much easier to work on. When I started, very few furnaces had a pre-fabricated coil compartment like they do now, and you had to have some tinning skills to be able to work on them. Most of the Blowers were belt-driven, and of course people always over oiled them, so they were a mess. That being said, why not clean the furnace if that's what you're advertising?

I was cleaning ductwork in the 1990's and was around when all these non-professional duct cleaners first came on the scene. Back then my biggest complaint was that they were all advertising "Furnace and Duct Cleaning" when none of them ever pulled the Blowers or accessed the inside (dirty side) of the Evaporator Coil, which is necessary to clean the furnace properly. It made my blood boil to see them driving around with that kind of false advertising on the side of their vans.

I Can't Compete!!!

I was reading a support article about search engine visibility in preparation for building this website. I learned that the number one most popular Keyword Search Term associated with my profession is "Duct Cleaning Scam". This is disheartening....though I'm not the least bit surprised.

I have been cleaning ductwork for a very long time now. I have been cleaning ductwork since before there was any kind of certification program for it, and once there was, I became one of the first technicians to ever be certified (see certification below).

In the early days we didn't have all the advanced tools and equipment that we have now. It has definitely gotten easier to do a better job. This is precisely why it is so perplexing to me that there are so many duct cleaners around who aren't getting the ductwork clean.

So why are there so many duct cleaning scams out there? In short, because there is money to be made. Anyone with a carpet truck and a nail-gun compressor can call them selves a duct cleaner these days. Its easy money too. They come to your house, walk around, talk fast, and put on a little horse and pony show....then leave with $200 of your hard earned money. But at least you got a coupon for your next carpet and upholstery cleaning....right?

Someone called me just the other day and said they were driving through Kansas City over the weekend and saw a billboard advertising duct cleaning in any house for $199 dollars. They wanted to know if I could price-match that. Hell no, I can't! I can't match their price....and they can't match the quality of my workmanship. You see, I'm part of a dying breed. I am a duct cleaner who actually gets the ducts clean!