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Air Handling Systems are an ideal environment for Fungus to grow and flourish.

It is dark, damp, and full of dirt and other food sources. There are many types of mold and some are worse than others, but none of them are good for you.

We routinely find mold inside furnaces and ductwork. It pays to have these air handling systems cleaned by a Professional HVAC Remediation Specialist.

It is essential to disassemble the furnace and air conditioning system to properly clean it. If you don't remove the blower fan and access the inside (dirty side) of the evaporator coil it is impossible to clean every area of the air handler (furnace).

Non-porous metal and plastic ducts can usually be cleaned and disinfected. Any ducts that are internally lined with fiberglass will need to be encapsulated after cleaning.

Photo Gallery of Mold in HVAC Systems

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Mold in Ducts

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