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And, for the naysayers.....


 Here are a few pictures of supply trunks with sheetrock dust. We get them shiny clean, though I have been careful not to show any pictures of our methods. Let's get the other guys to get the branches clean first, that's a start.

I shot some extra pictures on a house job last week to demonstrate the difference between using air, whips, and brushes. Like many newly constructed homes the floor supply ducts are full of paint from an airless sprayer, but the dry filth is gone.

Click the thumbnails for larger images.


To get the dirt and dust out, Right?


 Unfortunately, most duct cleaners don't actually get the ducts clean. Some use a straight shot of compressed air to get the big stuff. Others use pneumatic agitators (whips), but still don't get the ducts all the way clean. But like I said, don't take my word for it. Take some pictures and judge for your self.

Here is a photo gallery of Before and After photos that will show you what to look for. Click on the thumbnails to view the larger images.


 It is important to get the ducts clean, especially if you are a person with lung disease (like my daughter), have asthma or allergies, or any other medical condition making you sensitive to indoor air pollutants. It really does make a difference.


The old way of thinking about duct cleaning was that it was okay to leave dirt in the ducts as long as it was sticking to them. The reasoning was that if the contaminants don't get won't end up breathing them. That's only because we didn't have the advanced tools and equipment that we have now. Even though dry filth that sticks to the inside of the ducts doesn't become airborne, it is still a food source and breeding ground for countless micro-biological contaminants like bacteria, fungus, and dust mites.


Why are you having your ducts cleaned?


1. Find an easily accessible floor vent so you don't bang your head on a table, or twist your back getting to it. Floor vents aren't screwed down, so it should lift up out of the opening.


5. Take as many pictures as you like. Its a digital camera, and it can be tricky to get the camera centered. Try this on several floor vents, especially if you find that the first vent is still dirty.


2. Put your hand through the lanyard string in case you drop the camera. This way its easy to recover.


3. Point the camera down the duct opening. The back of your hand will be towards the outside wall of the house.


4. Insert your hand far enough to point the camera directly down the straight round pipe. Hint: do your best to center the lens of the camera in the middle of the pipe.


The most important question consumers need to ask when shopping for a duct cleaning service these days is: 'Do I want them to actually get my ducts clean?'


Very few duct cleaners actually get the ducts clean. But don't take my word for it. Check for yourself. Everyone has a digital camera, so its easy to do.


Here is a detailed description of how you can check the quality of your duct cleaning service yourself. Be sure to wear gloves and be careful. Sheet metal, and sheet metal screws are very sharp, so proceed with caution.


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